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The most trusted for a reason.
The most trusted for a reason.

Our Commitment to Clean

Araya Clean is the first national franchisor of mobile pressure cleaning property service providers in the nation. Our proprietary configuration of industrial grade pressure washing systems combines heat, variable pressure, non-toxic cleansers and EPA compliant reclamation and recycling systems.

We use the safe & effective cleaners.
We use the safe & effective cleaners.

Environmental Stewardship

Araya Clean property services combines heat, power, pressure and processes to provide the highest level of clean. Our industrial grade pressure washers heat the water to more than 200 degrees so the heat and steam cut through even the toughest grease and grime.

Competitive pricing for any size job.
Competitive pricing for any size job.

No Job is Too Small

Home pressure washers can remove surface dirt, however, they can’t clean as well as the Araya Clean Industrial Strength washers. Most residential grade pressure washers use cold water which does not clean as well as hot water. When you need it clean, there is no match for the heat, pressure and volume cleaning power of  Araya Clean.

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  • We have been using Araya Clean Property Services for 6 months and have had wonderful results with their prompt, efficient, reasonably priced and professional services. Laguna Self Storage uses this service to remove graffiti from the perimeter walls and the results have been excellent! I would highly recommend Araya Clean for the power washing services.

    - Cindi
    NorCal Self Storage
  • Thank you for the work! Your professionalism, eagerness to work with us, flexibility and completeness in dealing with business has made us very happy! If you need referrals you can ask them to talk to me.

    - MC
  • I want to thank you for your excellent service for us and will gladly recommend you to anyone interested in having pressure washing done.  Your team was thorough, efficient and worked very well with us.  We are so glad to have been referred to you since the company we hired previously never showed up.

    - JF
  • It has been a pleasure working with Araya Clean Property Services. They have addressed multiple needs for us and continue to be prompt and professional while providing quality service. Our most recent project included cleaning a spacious courtyard area which had not been cleaned for quite some time. In a short period of time, they power washed (steam cleaned) the entire space removing years of organic growth, dirt and general stains, leaving a fresh clean area for our clientele. We have been very satisfied with their great service and look forward to our continued relationship.

    - LW, Property Manager
  • I am writing to express my high level of satisfaction with the recent work that your company, Araya Clean Property Services, performed for the Comfort Inn hotel. I was impressed by the efficiency, customer service, and results obtained by Araya Clean. Previously, having taken on this project in-house, the process was time-consuming, messy, and I was only somewhat satisfied with the overall results. Araya Clean used an industrial grade pressure washing system with unique surface area cleaning equipment, providing for a high level even cleaning result. Using the high pressure hot water system made a significant difference allowing for the heat and steam to deep clean the surfaces as opposed to the cold water systems used in the past. Also using an efficient water recycling system, collecting the water for reuse after it is sent through a thorough filtering process, reduced the amount of water used. We achieved much better results, in a shorter period of time for a reasonable investment, and all while maintaining compliant cleaning processes. The customer service given by Araya Clean was great. In addition to meeting deadlines, Araya Clean was as concerned about the impact on our clientele as we are. Araya worked closely with us to schedule the clean-up project during a time of low-occupancy, minimizing the impact on our business. The staff sectioned off specific areas to be cleaned, providing a seamless process. The result was a clean parking garage that makes an excellent impression on customers. Currently, having set up a routine maintenance program, it is helpful to know what to expect in the future. Since we at the Comfort Inn provide a high level of cleanliness throughout our hotel to maintain our image, it is important to know that we now have consistency in our parking facilities as well, thanks to Araya Clean.

    - RP, General Manager
    Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels
  • Fantastic Job!!  Thank you so much and again, great job!!

    - Bryan
    Outback Steakhouse
  • Our aggregate concrete hadn’t been cleaned in a few years and I had forgotten all of the different colors in it.  After Araya Clean serviced our property I just had the biggest smile about the difference it made.  We went from dark, dirty, stained walkways and drive to a bright, new and inviting looking curb appeal that makes our property stand out.

    - James
  • Araya Clean has cleaned our property several times now and wow! They do a great job both times.  It’s a night and day difference after they clean.  Stains from the traffic, customers and the landscaping really build up on our concrete and Araya Clean gets it looking just like new again.  Even all the gum is removed.  They do a terrific job and also provide great customer service.  I highly recommend them.

    - James
    Red Robin
  • Our entrances and walkways are always clean and beautiful. No one ever thinks about how they stay that way.  THANK YOU for being consistently in the background helping to make our business better! You are very much appreciated.

    - JIll
    Pins N Strikes Entertainment, Coach's Sports Restaurant