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Araya Clean - Gilbert, AZ
75 W. Baseline Rd Suite 53
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Phone: 844-288-7890
Fax: 480-539-7005


Araya Clean Property Services is your solution for effectively cleaning and maintaining the value of your property

Customers form perceptions based on appearances. A dirty entrance, walkway, service area or exterior sends a message of poor quality, indifferent service and potentially unsafe surroundings. Make a great first impression with immpeccably clean building exterior with regular professional cleaning from Araya Clean Property Services. We combine power, heat, and processes to deliver a superior level of clean to your property that will impress you and your customers.

Araya Clean is proud to provide pressure washing services that are compliant with the local, federal, and EPA guidlines. Our combination of biodegradable cleaning agents and water reclamation process are effecient, effective, and enviromentally responsible.

Home owners can benifit from Araya Clean services too. Clean services look better and last longer too. Dirt and grime on painted surfaces can actually degrade and oxidize the coating which results in a need of repainting. Mold and mildew is another common problem for home owners and the Araya Clean system removes these from siding and other surfaces. 

Call for a free estimate:  1-844-288-7890 or 480-539-7000

Araya Clean Award 01a
Araya Clean has been selected for the 2015 Best of Gilbert Awards for Home Cleaning.
2015 Best of Gilbert Awards - Home Cleaning