Environmental Stewardship

Do you have environmental concerns?


Araya Clean can help. Araya Clean property services locations have the equipment to reclaim and reuse water. The Araya Clean recycling process reclaims and reuses all run-off water which complies with the EPA Clean Water Act and all local regulations protecting you from possible penalties and fines as large as $50,000 per day. If detergents, grease, non-natural materials etc. reach the storm sewer system this is a violation of the EPA’s Clean Water Act. Why take a chance on using someone who isn’t trained in the proper way to reclaim water and understands these laws to protect you from a lawsuit.

If you happen to be a property owner, property manager or a facility management company, and you are using a company that does not have the ability to meet these EPA standards you could inadvertently cause yourselves and your property owners a large fine. Waste water must be controlled and operators must be trained to avoid possible bad publicity and these fines.

In most states the property owner is also the legal owner of the waste water produced at their property, actions to prevent a citation for violation of discharge rules should be considered when hiring a pressure washing company. Araya Clean is the company that client’s turn to ensuring they are protected from these types of fines.

Araya Clean also offers environmentally friendly and bio-degradable cleaning agents when the job calls for it further protecting the environment. Don’t put yourself in the middle of a legal dispute triggered by hiring a company who has untrained or poorly equipped pressure washing operators, hire the professionals call Araya Clean.